So I am entering the world of blogosphere!  Why in the world am I doing that?  I am doing it because one of my goals in life is to challenge and encourage others, especially young men, to live for God.  Few times in history has the world been so dark, yet darkness only comes from lack of light.  If America had some young men, just a few, who were willing to live 100% for God, we WOULD see revival in our country.
     In my family's travels, I meet many young men who have a desire to do right, but who let something hold them back.  Their is only one difference between great Christians and average Christians.  Almost all Christians WANT to do what is right, but only a handful actually do it.  The difference, then, is in the DOING, not the WANTING.  Having a desire to do what is right does not cut it; you HAVE to live out what the Bible says.
     And when I say the Bible, I mean the word-perfect, un-changing word of God.  The one that Psalms 12 speaks of when it says, "The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.  Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever."  God has preserved His word just like He said He would, and for the English-speaking people, he has preserved it in what we know as the King James Bible, also referred to as the Authorized Version.  The only reason I can know that what my Bible says is true, is because the Bible I'm readin' hasn't changed since it was written, and it isn't gonna change! Talk about "Standin' on the Promises"!  If you don't like what I just said, that's ok. I love ya even if you disagree.  Just remember this- my Bible says it's perfect, but I have never met anyone who says your Bible is.  Since Psalms 12 promised that God would preserve His words, you might want to figure out where it is that He preserved them.  I'll do a whole post on this issue later, so now back to why I'm starting this blog.
      I desire to see some young men get a fire inside of them, a fire to do something for God. My generation has the God-given oppurtunity to see perhaps the greatest revival of all time, and yet all we care about is facebook, twitter, texting, movies, malls, hot-rods, and football! Are we seriously so consumed with such trivial things, that we can't see the harvest in front of us! Listen, I really enjoy football (even if my Hawkeyes lost two-thirds of their games last year), I find some media to be helpful, and I like nice cars and nice clothes; however, none of that is going to matter two-hundred years from now! The only thing that is going to matter is whether or not I lived for God. That's why my highlight of 2012 was, for the first time ever, leading someone to the Lord! (It was way more exciting than any football game I've ever seen!) That's why one of my goals for this year is to lead ten people to the Lord.  Which is why I made a vow to God to share the gospel or give a tract to an average of two people per week this year.

     Now, please don't get the wrong impression; I'm not writing this so you will think I'm somebody special.  I'm nothing without Christ, and neither are you.  That's why I pray for His wisdom every day, in order to serve Him better.  I hope that God will speak to you through this blog.  I will do my best to communicate the truths in God's Word, but if I say something that doesn't line up with Scripture, throw it out and move on.
     My prayer for anyone reading this blog is this: that your heart would be stirred to live for God, and that you would become a man (or woman) on fire.



  1. I look forward to following your blog!!!

  2. "Hasn't changed since it was written..." Then you must be talking about the Hebrew/Greek manuscripts? Because isn't a translation of language considered a 'change'?!

  3. I'm looking forward to your posts on the KJV. I'm curious what you believe about ministries such as Wycliffe Translators or other mission organizations. Obviously their versions of the Bible aren't the authorized KJV. Must the world first learn English in order to have access to the 'real' Bible?

    Not wanting to discourage you. Like I said, I look forward to hearing your viewpoint. Thanks.

  4. Amen!! We need more people from our generation to stand up for Christ.
    ~The Keller Girls~

  5. Your passion is a huge encouragement. We're excited to be able to follow this blog! (and see you all in concert this Friday!) May the Lord bless your efforts and expand your ministry - may He use you in greater ways than you could have ever imagined.
    ~The Bridges family

  6. Very interesting. We need more young men rising up in this generation to live for God. I'm looking forward to watching your blog, especially your thoughts on the KJV.

    I post on my blog every so often and hope I could encourage others to live for Christ, although as of yet, I have not done so in such an overt manner as you seem to be planning on doing. :-) You may visit may blog by clicking on my name above.

    Thanks for your initiative!

  7. That's wonderful! Glad to hear your strong desire to serve the Lord and do your best to DO it, Mitchell. May God mightily bless and use you and your blog to bring much glory to Him. Will pray for you that you are able to keep your vow you made to God.

    Kellum Family

  8. AMEN, Mitchell. I'm encouraged already!
    Luke Wilson

  9. Hello Mitchell,
    What a great thing to start, Looking foward to your up-coming post!
    In christ~

  10. I'm very encouraged that a young man like you would do this blog. May many other young men be inspired. Well, and young women too. But most godly young women of your age wish to someday be married and be mothers, and you just may be equipping their future husbands! Keep it up; you remain in my prayers.


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