Wow!!!  After being gone for so long, I almost forgot how good it is to be home!!!  From sleeping in my own bed, to being able to work on the farm, and everything in between, home is just really amazing after a long trip.  You know, if this is what it's like here on earth, our Heavenly home-going is gonna be un-imaginable!  However, we really did have a great trip; it is so rewarding to see people's hearts turned towards God, and to realize that He is still doing a great work in America.

       Also, thank-you so much to everyone who has prayed for us; your prayers have been felt!  God has has really blessed us these last three months, and has protected us in our travels.  Here are a few of the ways that we have really felt God's hand of protection-

       #1.  Since we left home, none of us have been what I would call "sick" (i.e. throwing up, etc), except for Rebecca!  Health is such a blessing, because it just isn't much fun to sing when you are sick (and also because we travel in a forty-five foot bus, so when people get the flu, well, you get the idea!)

       #2.  While traveling in Northern Georgia one night, we crossed some mountains on the Appalachian Trail, which we later found out is nick-named "The Dragons Tail"!  (and appropriately so, since this twenty-four mile stretch of road has lots of hairpin curves!)  Well, we were all sleeping except for our faithful bus-driver (my dad), and the snow was just beginning to fall, when the bus started its trek up the mountain. After pain-stakingly working his way around curve after curve, dad finally guided the bus to the top of the mountain and looked down...... but wait, where was the bottom?  Was it actually those lights waaaaay down below?  Needless to say, we crept along as we made our descent, and eventually DID make it the whole way down.  We later told some friends who are First Responders and live near there, about our traveling the Appalachian Trail; they were shocked!  They said that motercyclists ride that road in the summer, and, well, some of them never make it the whole way through!  God was definitely taking good care of us that night!  So thank-you all for your prayers; we definitely felt them!

       Well, this is just a brief synopsis of our trip; for more highlights, check out our family's blog or my sister Chelsy's blog.  And for now, it's home, sweet, home for me!!!


  1. Haha yep my family and I know what it's like to get sick in a bus! We travel in a forty-foot through the country and when you get throwing up it's not a pretty sight!

  2. Hey, Mitchell!! I love your family's blog and Chelsy's and yours too! but unlike theirs, you don't post many pictures..... You should!! I simply LOVE to see pictures!!! Hope you will do it soon! Great blog and you do have a heart for the LORD. God bless, from Argentina


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