More Goals For 2013

Continuing on with some of my goals for this year-

6.  Spend quality time with siblings.  Young people looking for opportunities to serve should begin with their own families.

7.  Read the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  It is important that we understand how and why America was founded, and these two documents are a good place to start.

8.  Read "Her Knight in Shining Armor," by a friend of mine, evangelist Caleb Garraway.  This book is a call to young men to rise up and be the man that God wants them to be, as they prepare for marriage.

9.  Smile and laugh more!  I sincerely believe that we as Christians need to loosen up and enjoy life more.  Why do we (including myself) go around with such long faces, when we have been given so much?

10.  Do push-ups every day.  This one may not be as "Spiritual" as some of my other goals; however, I do want my body to last as long as possible in order to serve God as long as possible.

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  1. Ya! How do are people supposed to have hope at all if they hear and see nothing but doom and gloom all the time? Personally, I'm tired of that myself. Something I've been trying to express for the passed year or so.
    Yes, we have been given alot when there's others who have so little, but I think God wants us to appreciate those things and be good stewards of them, not go around being negative about it all the time.
    Your blog is already an encouragement! God bless!


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