Dueling Banjos; Or is it Dueling Brothers?

     So what did happen to the banjo?

     The dispute of two brothers...

     The demise of the banjo...

     The discipline of the "guilty" brother...

     So what really happened?  Well, someone (I won't say who) stepped on the banjo on Sunday and broke it.  So, we made a trip to Wal-Mart to get some wood glue, and the repaired banjo will be in concert (hopefully) on Thursday night!


  1. Wow looks like fun.!!!!

  2. Just didn't think Mitchell had it in him to fight.:) I'm so relieved!

  3. glad me and my siblings aren't the only ones who act like this!!! :) HAHA! JK!

  4. Dude! Does it have a hardshell case?


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