How We Can Limit God- Part Two

       Recently, I started a three part series dealing with the ways we limit God.  In my last post, I wrote about how our lack of faith limits God.  This week, I am going to address the second way that we limit God.

       In addition to limiting God through our lack of faith, we also limit God by our sin.  Think for a minute of the children of Israel.  God wanted to give them the land of Caanan, but instead of taking the land, they "rebelled against the commandment of the Lord" (Deut. 1:26)  What was the result of their unbelief and rebellion?  None of the men from age 20 on up (except Joshua and Caleb) were allowed to enter Caanan.  Our sin ALWAYS brings consequences.  The good news is, God does forgive.  However, if we as Christians live day-by-day with unconfessed sin and un-believing hearts, God won't do any great works through us.  He simply can't.  I Corinthians 6:14c says, "And what communion hath light with darkness?"  God is the Father of light, and Satan is the father of darkness.  If we have unconfessed sin in our lives, then we aren't in total harmony with God.  And John 15:5 tells us that we can do nothing without God.  Therefore, our sin limits God.


  1. I enjoy what you have presented on how we can limit God. I look forward to the third part of this series. :-) It is such a reminder to challenge myself with the question, have I limited God by a lack of faith towards Him? Is there any sin or (and might I add) idol in my life that is keeping me from giving my full potential to serve God and his son Jesus Christ; the one who gave everything for my sake? I bring up idol, because having sin in our lives can in most cases be easier to identify as a wrong against God due to the conscience that God gives us by nature; the knowledge of good and evil which we as man kind received in the garden of Eden. An idol in our lives, on the other hand, can slip by the radar of our conscience, so to speak, because it might appear as an innocent object we might have placed our affections on. So I ask the question challenging myself; do I have an idol that is keeping me from my full potential?


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