Spring 2014 in Photos

       Here are some of the highlights of my spring-
The Our Time youth conference that our church hosts each year is always a highlight.  This year, Carson, Joshua, and I got to help with the games.  Here we are with the rest of the game crew.

 Here is a picture from our joint concert with the Wilsons at the ATI conference in Big Sandy, TX.  We had a blast; my favorite part was making jokes about Levi Wilson!

My highlight of the conference was being a teacher in the Children's Institute.  

 My assistant (Hope Baker) and I had twelve children on our team- eleven girls and one boy!  Needless to say, me and little Daniel Swanson became pretty good buddies by the time the week was over!

 The week before I left for Arkansas, our whole family went to our local coffee-shop for an evening.  We had a blast playing take-one and rook.

I never have liked coffee, so I generally get ice-cream at the coffee-shop!

Brotherly love (At least, in between rounds.  During the game, it's business!)

Me and Hudson are big buds; I considered putting him in my suitcase and bringing him to AR with me, but I decided not to.  (JK:)  I miss you, Hudson!


  1. Love this, Mitch! It has been such a fun-packed spring, and the good times continue!
    By the way, I'm pretty sure Huds would have hopped in the suitcase if you'd have offered.:)
    love you!

  2. Mitchell, it has been such an encouragement following your blog! It gives me so much joy to watch fellow brothers and sisters live for the Lord.
    I thought I'd comment on this one because last year Hope Baker was my assistant for CI! She was such a blessing to serve with and had such a fun personality. I'm glad you had the opportunity to do CI this year; I really loved it.
    Keep on following hard after Christ!


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