So, I have decided to break the silence on this blog!  Thank-you so much to all of you who have been praying for us; we are having a great trip, and we have really seen God move in great ways!  One of the memories I will never forget was our hike at Jasper Park in Alberta.  The hike was about five miles one way, and since we don't like doing things the normal way, my brothers and I got off the trail and did the most grueling leg-muscle workout I have ever done, climbing the last part of the mountain on a slope of loose rock!  It was really awesome, especially because I was with all of my brothers!  However, after watching Hudson complete that climb, I couldn't help but think back to the time when my dad took me to a football game (I was maybe seven at the time)- and I was asking him to carry me on the walk from the vehicle to the stadium!  (I would guess it was a mile at the MOST!) Simply put, growing up with big brothers has made Hudson the toughest nine-year old I know!  Anyway, that is just a bit of what I have been doing with my family this summer (really, we have been doing a lot of singing and that was the only hike); I will try to post again before we get home!

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