So, last night we sang in Chassel, Michigan.  I was really enjoying the evening, and everything was going great, until three songs near the end.  As I approached the stairs to make my ascent to the stage, someone else was coming down the stairs; so I did the logical thing, skipping the stairs and jumping onto the stage.  The only problem was, I did not execute the jump very well, resulting in my leg colliding with the steel on the edge of the stage!  Let me tell you- it hurt!  But, after I got over my embarrassment (failing to properly execute such a simple jump is very lame) and the first wave of pain, I decided that my leg really didn't hurt too badly- so I went right into the next song.  
       Well, a bit later I looked down- and saw blood on my shoe and a wet spot on my pant-leg! 
Here are some pictures-

So, it turns out that singing CAN be dangerous!


  1. Wow, that's pretty gory! Glad you survived the dangers of singing. :) Y'all are in our thoughts as you finish this circuit! -Ems

    1. Thanks! We are REALLY looking forward to going home- ya'll know what it's like to be on the road for a long time! It's been a great trip, though.

  2. Ouch! That looks like it needs stitches.

  3. Hey, I'm 'not' the only one who takes pictures of my wounds! :)


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